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Tafa Viet is recognized as the leading egg producer in Vietnam with more than 30 years in the industry. Tafa Viet owns more than 100 hectares of the farm and modern closed production lines standardized by prestigious partners from Europe, Japan. Tafa Viet has been a main supplier for many restaurants, bakeries, hotels’ restaurants in many provinces in Vietnam.

Tafa Viet
Applying the world’s five best standards

Best breed

Tafa chickens are specially cared, from selection of the world’s best stocks to careful and meticulous tending of chickens. So, eggs and meat products are always of the highest quality.

Best nutrition

Feeds are imported directly from the United States, Brazil and other countries where strict standards are applied to ensure the best nutrition for chickens which lay premium eggs every day.

Best environment

For the perfect growth of chickens, Tafa Viet chooses an ideal living environment with fresh air and capacious space for healthy, disease-free chickens - the precondition to create products safe for human health.

Most modern technology

The automated self-contained farming system, with equipment imported from Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, controls light, water, feed and airflow; checks product quality; classifies products; and packages products according to international standards.

Highest-quality products

Tafa Viet products meet highest-quality standards such as Vietgap, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000:2015 and Vietnam Best Food. Tafa Viet always ensures that its best-quality eggs meet superior hygiene and food

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